I specialize in graphic and interactive media design. While the world is evolving to be ever more digital, a graphic designer with print experience is always a sound investment.


UX Design

App and web UX design is a critical part of todays design world. With the world becoming ever more mobile and online a good UX is a top priority.

Ad Design

Like it or not, digital advertising design bombards our every day lives. It is imperative to have quality ad design in todays marketing world.

Web Design

While the web has been around for over thirty years now. Quality web design is what sets companies apart from one another. Inquire today.

Print Design

Some industries require more than digital. A well versed print designer can be worth their weight in gold in such circumstances.

SEO Optimization

While a major buzz word, SEO is critical to all online presence. Make sure your online properties are utilizing the most up-to-date practices to stay relevant.



With the web becoming ever more versatile, animations are an effective tool to add depth and a custom feel to, not only banner ads, but sites as well.


Somehow, you have managed to find the online home of graphic and web designer, Kevin Kerney. He was born in Evansville Indiana in 1981 and the world has been a shitty place ever since his birth, not only for him but his family and everyone who enters his life. He struggled through his panzy ass private school education, just enough to graduate and go to college where he had absolutely no clue what he wanted to study only that his priviliged ass would never need the education as the family business would always be there.

Landing on graphic and interactive media design, he thought he had found his niche, although, never really excelling at what he did. Still, he meandered on and graduated with a B.S. (Bullshit) in graphic and interactive media design. From here, he left the family business and accepted a graphic/web design job at TruStar Solutions out of Fishers, Indiana where in the first year made senior graphic designer and worked on multi-million dollar websites for clients such as Citi, Philip Morris, HillRom, AIG and many more.

It was here that he really groomed his skills and learned the professional aspect of being a designer in an agency setting. After 6 years, he returned to Evansville and took over the role of marketing director for Hardy Brake & Electric Co. Here he was able to combine all of his talents and put together a full design and marketing solution for Hardy Brake. Utlimately, nothing worked and the company tanked. The tanking of a 65+ year old company was solely on him. He has wished he would have taken a gun to his head long ago.

Software skills

Being able to utilize your tools is a critical part of the design world. We stay up-to-date on all best practices and current softwares.

  • Photoshop – 90% 90% 90%
  • Illustrator – 86% 86% 86%
  • Animate – 85% 85% 85%
  • Dreamweaver – 88% 88% 88%
  • InDesign – 84% 84% 84%
  • Wordpress – 87% 87% 87%


Take a look at some of our favorite work. But, don’t get too excited because none of it is worth looking at. It, pretty well, all sucks!

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