Likewise, the states have histories and interactions with each other and other countries that predate their statehood. -Some do have super human abilities. The majority of the time America can't figure himself out and relies on the states to help him focus his beliefs and direction. When America was just a baby, England and France fought over who got to be his older brother. The one common factor that is true for all the states and how they relate to America is that he has somehow gained their trust and loyalty (to varying degrees) in order to form the union. Languages: English, Italian, french, Portuguese, Spanish, and some german. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. (Example: Kentucky claims Virginia and Tennessee as siblings, but Virginia and Tennessee don't view each other as family. While it is not a written rule, and technically the governor is the one with the legal authority/jurisdiction over them, the states almost always follow America's orders over that of a governor because their first alliance is to their country. His birthday is 4 July 1776, which corresponds with America's Independence Day His physical age is 19. (This might later be ignored simply because I don't have the patience to chart where all the embacies are in the U.S.), -This series of stories were inspired by America's "growth spurt" shown in one of the Hetalia comics. So, I (Being the no-life and Hetalia obsessed fangirl I am~) would like to share some Hetalia knowledge that most of you probably already know, but I have come across a few that don't. So he grows rapidly every time a colony recognizes a kinship/identity/friendship with him and chose to see him as a leader figure to unify under. Although, in the Gakuen HetaliaPSP game, he jumps into the water to save a drowning America. It's purposely ambiguous about whether the states specifically hear people or can just sense the conflicting opinions/thoughts of their populations. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! They both officially met when America recognized Mexico's freedom from Spain. 1 Game Plot/Game Summary 2 Characters 3 Bug Reports/ Errors 4 Trivia/ Extra Facts 5 Gallery 6 Sources President Timothy Harris has been elected in the United States of America for his third term in the year of 2024. Discover (and save!) He is a food critic with almost every fast food place that’s in his sight. Almost all who have these designations are seen as twins depending on when the differing cultures developed. -The cultures within a state are not necessarily homogenous. Not always so. (Meaning when they started to view themselves as Americans rather than just as "Virginians" or "Pennsylvanians" and such.) America's jacket is a darker color. It wasn't until the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments passed that slaves were even heard by many states and even then they had to struggle against the majority.). In Hetalia, some nations are shown to be colonies before becoming independent nations because their histories and interactions with other nations began long before then. He is often shown or described with a baseball bat in a darker color with nails lodged into it. High quality Hetalia America gifts and merchandise. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! He loves hamburgers and junk food, to the point of an obsession, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting England's sense of taste (or lack thereof). Can they get together? States become unpredictable and dangerous during times of civil unrest between their populations because they are unable to think or hear clearly with opposing "loud" voices and majorities cluttering their thoughts. -Like in Hetalia, it's always left ambiguous about whether the general population is truly aware of their state being personified. 2P! America will still = D.C. but the states might also refer to him as America just to save some potential confusion.>. He wears a green bomber jacket, long dark grey shirt, jeans, and black combat boots. Name the Micronations. I also found some interesting personality statistics based on states that have contributed quite a bit to their development. This is to make light of Italy's apparent cowardice during World War II and overall character. by oliviaivanovich Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . ), -The states don't have family in the same sense that humans do. Read more information about the character America from Hetalia Axis Powers? It's where your interests connect you with your people. Even if their head was chopped off, they would eventually revive so long as their populations identify with the state and continue the state's culture. Hetalia Facts and Misconceptions Welcome, here I will be telling you guys the TRUE facts and proving common misconceptions the fandom has about Hetalia. While minorities are part of a state's population, that doesn't mean they have always had a real impact on a state which has lead many (coughprettymuchallcough) states to mistakenly view them as outsiders instead of their own people worth protecting. However, this doesn't automatically make them superior fighters when compared to anyone else. This does not by any means indicate a close or personal relationship with said country, but it shows a stronger familiarity with the culture and personality of the country in question. Massachusetts can see magical creatures because he's the "first son of England" and went temporarily crazy over witch craft during the Salem Witch Trials. Hetalia Day is on October 24 because it shares the same day as... Hetalia basically means... France believes you can't force ___ on somebody. Likewise, America tends to view the younger states like children and will take a more paternal/elder brother/mentor sort of role with them, but he treats many of the older states like friends or equals. God Bless America is an English-language game created by Comedic-Soldiers with RPG Maker VX Ace. Or do you just want to learn a little bit more about the characters? Haven't decided their exact relations, but they will be siblings on some level) There are very few states and provinces who would even consider claiming each other as siblings beyond direct historical reasons since they're separated by national borders. His real name was Fredrick II. Well you're in luck, because here they come. 53. When a minority is disenfranchised it usually doesn't have quite the same strong effect on a state, but it can lead to aggrivation and resentment. Ex: Mobile, Alabama is Alabama's first permanent settlement, but at the time of its foundation it was the capital of Colonial Louisiana. The opening theme for Hetalia is the theme from '2001 A Space Odyssey'. You guessed it: blue. Hetalia Facts and Misconceptions Welcome, here I will be telling you guys the TRUE facts and proving common misconceptions the fandom has about Hetalia. People that rally together and demand to be heard over the majority are considered "loud" and almost always get the state's notice as they grow in numbers, but that doesn't mean they always get a state's sympathy. Where history is pretty controversial, and even professionals who spend their whole lives studying it can't always agree, I'm not going to guarantee that I'll be showing the honest-to-God-150% truth and some personal bias/creative license is bound to slip in at times. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite countries, even though I used to hate him (Yes, I used to hate the person that represents my country). They are each individuals with their own personalities and goals seperate from him, but when their opinions, thoughts and feelings are combined, the collective majority reflect his feelings. Seriously. It's just too much work to even attempt being that accurate with all the research that just goes into the plots. The rule of thumb generally is that whatever the majority opinion is, the state sympathizes with that. Both New Brunswick and Maine were considered parts of Acadia at one point.) Age- 27 -Similar to the birthdays of nations, states consider their birthdays as the day they were declared a state, but that doesn't necessarily indicate their age. This plan fails when the states are dishonest and vote in ways they don't truly believe in for political or personal reasons (which is actually more likely to happen than honesty). Mexico (メキシコ,Mekishiko) is a side character in the series Hetalia: World series and Beautiful world. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Germany/North Italy (Hetalia) England/France (Hetalia) America & Canada (Hetalia) North Italy & South Italy & Vatican City (Hetalia) While I wouldn't go so far as to say he has favorites, he has those he entrusts more responsibilities to and depends on more than others. 2P! Nevada is insanely lucky because he's Nevada , Alaska is a snow ninja and isn't affected by General Winter because she's one of the few people to ever strike fear into Russia's heart/her climate isn't much different from his so whatevers, etc.) or "Is this good or bad?" Russia's eyes? -For many of these states, their true ages/year of origin will not be marked so much as when the personification was discovered in their land and recognized by another state or America. Who is Germanys' older brother? The states that have the most influence are the ones other states historically tend to rally behind and listen to. Just some tidbits to keep in mind about the states as a whole. -For the most part I'm going to try to stick to the basic facts of what happened and not divulge too much from said facts of the historical events. This year, America didn't seem to have any good candidates, and with Donald Trump, America's mood had not been the best to say the least. Saved by Goofy Goober. He’s already done everything productive, after all. Who was grand pa Romes body grad but, is now his enemy? There are a few states who will refer to their "parent state" as such under certain circumstances, but that's usually taken as a sign of them recognizing another state as being their superior. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. It'll come from Google Translate, so, bleh. It didn't help that America wasn't present yet. He is commonly depicted as a man with a sepia complexion with a strong muscular build, auburn hair, and deep pink or in some interpretations, red, eyes. What about the Allies? America follows the President and the states follow their governors. They can get kicked, punched and smacked around without the collapse of a city, but the collapse of a city would cause damage to a state's body. -Some states do have closer relations to different countries than others simply because of where embacies are placed. More symbolism! -History is NOT politically correct so neither are these stories. -Human names for the states, like in Hetalia, are only for the purpose of trivia and will never actually be used by a state within the story and no one else will call them by these names. England's eyes? It's more like they claim one another and how close they are that determinds family rather than a blood bonds. So, if the state takes credit for two important happenings at the same time in different places, the personification will be there to represent the state in both circumstances. -Other than in stories that are specifically targeted towards comparing cultures, I'm probably not even going to be using present regional slang very accurately, either. Austria wears corsets under his clothes. Currently none of the states are completed and all are subject to change. カリエド,Hose herunandesu Marutinesu Kariedo) Age 20 Gender Male Birthday September 16th Hair Color Black Eye Color Black -Body parts as geographic representations and how they relate to their land... Once again, I consider the states/nations as representative of cultures, not physical places. He is often shown or described with a baseball bat in a darker color with nails lodged into it. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! 2p!America x Stripper!Reader-Outfits by Dina-soar on DeviantArt. A little girl popped up in front of his face, blue eyes wide and innocent as they stared at him curiously. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The regular U.S. Army/Navy/Air Force/Whatevers belongs to America, but all units assigned to their National Guards belong to the states. Who has a crush on Russia? America's jacket is a darker color. In Hetalia, some nations are shown to be colonies before becoming independent nations because their histories and interactions with other nations began long before then. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. See more ideas about fun facts, hetalia, hetalia headcanons. "Am I Catholic or Protestant...? However, the percentage of the majority is also a VERY IMPORTANT factor because it reflects a state's commitment to that belief and the level of uncertainty they personally feel. Who is Americas older brother? (Ex: Slaves couldn't vote and were barely even counted as part of a state's population. Basically, he puts things in context. Who was grand pa Romes body grad but, is now his enemy? He is physically 19 years old. Since most states want to be seen as equals, they claim each other as siblings instead. Kentucky and Ohio can see/talk to ghosts because there are so many reported hauntings in their lands. ), -The most recognized countries are England, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada (yes, Canada), Italy, Russia, Japan, Germany and Lithuania (just because he used to live in America's house, but most of the states still think he's "the maid" and don't realize he's actually a nation). 9. (Example: New Brunswick and Maine are brother and sister mostly because the lines between them were so heavily disputed and contested between France and England during the colonial days. Random Entertainment Quiz Can you name the How well do you know Hetalia? ), -The states all consider themselves "America" and tend to call their country D.C. or Union and only predominantly called him America while they were colonies because that's what England called him. -Due to America primarily being an isolationist nation from his independence to WWII, all of the states are incredably naive towards anything outside their borders. He must obey their majority rulings and find ways to appease/protect them, and in return they must submit to his (the federal) government while supplying him with their strength(economies and resources). (Ex: Texas fits the main Texan stereotypes, but at the same time he's a physics/engineering genius due to NASA and the number of inventions/new technologies that have come from him.) -No state has a precise age! Below are specific notes regarding voices and how they work. Russia's eyes? Contents[show] North America North America, otherwise known as Jack, is a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. To be called someone's child is deeply humiliating and even taken as an insult to their independence. It was July 4th, five thirty in the morning when America was invaded. He nearly fell back in shock, but regained his balance and stared back at the girl. It kind of depends on what's most convenient for the story at the time. More often than not, the only states that will take a strong moral stance are those that have nothing to lose from it and/or will somehow elevate their own political strength in the process. Rome/Fem!America, slight UK/US, and slight World/America. The implication of this series is that his growth spurt occured when the other colonies recognized him as their country. One of the goals of this story is to look into the cultural implications during some of America's darkest eras and determine how the majority of the people really felt about issues and what lead to the various movements, tensions and civil unrest within the individual states that caused certain actions to be taken. Who dose England hate the most? -Quite a few of America's states are considered to have just as much power if not more than a surprisingly large number of countries. Maryland gave him his own land and people to operate out of so he wouldn't have to keep living at Virginia and Pennsylvania's houses)

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