Perhaps Christ does not walk the earth today, as He did anciently, the streets of Jerusalem. As you might recall, I worked for a prominent Mormon businessman at one point in time, and I got to know some of his family and many of his fellow church members. Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 6, 1830 in upstate Fayette, New York. They provide programs for its members, and a website where people can go to learn more about the compassion of Christ’s atonement. He created a whole new world for many people in the 1820s. The reason why this is possible is missionary work! ISBN: 9780736922166 0736922164: OCLC Number: 228503202: Description: 88 pages ; 18 cm. However, he does not replace Jesus Christ as that whom we worship. If we were perfect, what would be the point of living? Mormons are sincere followers of Jesus Christ, and as such, are expected to be approachable and kind. Readers find well-researched and easy-to-understand answers to many of the common and not-so-common questions surrounding this high-profile church, all in a handy, quick-reference format. 8 Songs that Prove Mormons are Christians, New Mormon.Org One-Minute Series Introduces Basic Mormon Beliefs. It also revealed the Lord’s plan for His kingdom in the Latter-days. The Dream MLK Had (Won't Belong to Evangelicals). Would good people like this remain committed to an organization like the LDS church if they knew some of the shocking facts I know? Behold, I came into the world not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance; the whole need no physician, but they that are sick; wherefore little children are whole, for they are not capable of committing sin; wherefore the curse of Adam is taken from them in me, that it hath no power over them;”. In the early years of the LDS church, the Saints were forced to hop from place to place and in each new town they settled, they faced extreme prejudice from the other, non-LDS residents. Joseph Smith Jr. (December 23, 1805-June 27, 1844) founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints around 1830. There are some sins that invoke more serious consequences, but those are typically dealt with privately and with proper authority. To quote Moroni 8:8, “Listen to the words of Christ, your Redeemer, your Lord and your God. Christ is the keystone, the center of the Church and, as the first commandment teaches us, we should not have any gods before Him. Most Mormons are aware that Young instituted a ban on black people holding Church leadership positions and entering their temples, but few are aware of how extreme he was. The Church is centred on Christ, but has substantial differences in belief to the Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian Churches. When Joseph Smith was was just a teenager, the Angel Moroni appeared to him in his room and told him about a sacred ancient record buried under the Hill Cumorah. It is not a cult. They then show their commitment to following Jesus Christ and promise to always remember Him, now that they are at an age where they can do so knowingly. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was officially organized on April 6th 1830 in Fayette, New York. That’s why its proper name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon church is led by “the priesthood”. Alvin, Joseph and many others understood the importance and value of that record, also known as the Golden Plates. The Mormon religion is a cult because it is devoted to the works, theories, and teachings that are all lies, from a … Free Shipping & Price Match Guarantee Think about it. This life is meant to try and test us. Facts About Mormons. 5. Only God is perfect and He is the only one authorized to judge. 4. To change this gender inequality, the … How many days in a row did you go? In paintings commonly seen in Mormon scriptures and pamphlets, Smith is depicted translating from the Gold Plates as Oliver Cowdery transcribed his dictation. Today, there are three main movements in Mormonism, although one is by far the largest. Two years after the massacre, members of the US army arrived under orders to bury the remains of those massacred. When that was complete, they erected a monument over the burial site. The US wanted to control this new territory, politically and culturally, while the LDS church wanted Utah to reflect the values and politics of their Mormon beliefs. Nor does it mention that the youngest of these wives was just fourteen years old when Joseph explained to her that God had commanded that she marry him or face eternal damnation. Alvin was, as Joseph’s mother put it, “a hero in Joseph’s eyes.” Joseph was just a teenager when Alvin passed and Alvin’s last words to him were, “Do whatever you can to obtain the record.”. 1. In fact, the Bible teaches us that’s exactly what happened to Enoch. Then it grew and grew, gaining speed and collecting people and knowledge as it went. Here are 10 shocking facts about the Mormon church: 1. Fast. #13 The Facts On The Mormon Church . For years (decades) the LDS church dodged or denied troubling facts about Joseph Smith and the historical origins of Mormonism. Women may not speak or act on behalf of God. Joseph Smith’s successor, Brigham Young, had 55 wives. If you know someone that regularly has Mormons in their home or visits their temples, you must warn them because this is a demonic trap. The truth is that the plates were not even used in the “translation” process. Have you ever wondered why they are so central to society and such a lofty goal? When children reach the age of eight they can be baptized by full immersion, just the way Christ was baptized, if they so choose. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. Then what happened? I honestly wish I was making this up. Smith sealed his union to 14-year-old Helen Mar Kimball in May of 1843. The LDS church has distinct beliefs, an interesting history, and its influence is increasing in America and elsewhere in the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often informally known as the LDS Church or Mormon Church, is a nontrinitarian, Christian restorationist church that considers itself to be the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus Christ.The church is headquartered in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has established congregations and built temples worldwide. Except for a modest salary for its general authorities whose church duties prevent them from working, the Church does not pay anyone who serves in callings. After He and His apostles were killed off, the Church fell into apostasy. Everything he is, is made possible through God and his own good choices along the way. Do Mormons Believe in Using Modern Medicine? It was not uncommon for Mormon people to say these were lies or half-truths invented by anti-Mormons to make the church look bad. We don’t know everything there is to know about Him because we can’t handle it. Not only did they seem to have huge hearts, but they were also givers, and they left their faith at the door. In many ways true history of the Mormons and Mormon history of the Mormons are so different as to be hard to believe as being the same subject. And with that, can come improper judgement. Sixteen years later, there were 2 million members, and eight years later, there were three million. Required fields are marked *. So, why would God make something a commandment, and then later make it a great sin? Brigham Young believed God and Adam are one and the same. {ref:1234} The largest Mormon religious body is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS for short). Agency, or free choice, is a basic tenet of God’s plan for us. It also includes the birth of Jesus Christ, as prophesied by ancient prophets and from the perspective of those in the Ancient Americas, who witnessed the new star and night without darkness, but didn’t actually get to see the babe in Bethlehem for themselves. Despite that, the sweeping winds of the Church have blown over the earth and into the hearts of many, making it one of the fastest growing churches in America. This was a dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had during his reign. November 19, 2012, cherran, Leave a comment. With temples all over the world, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has adorned the skyline with angel statues for 169 years, ever since the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated in 1846. Contents: Section I: Introduction to Mormonism --What is Mormonism and why is it important?--How did Mormonism originate and how important are supernatural revelations to the founding and sustaining of the Mormon church?--How can we know if these revelations were from God or whether they originated … The word Mormon was originally coined to describe any person who believes in the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture. And to top it all off, they are the ones who pay to do it! The Old Testament prophet, Elijah also had this sealing power. Young men typically depart for two years of service when they turn 18, and young women can depart for 18 months of service around age 19. But this cannot possibly be true. The Mormon Church claims that the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants are genuine scriptures inspired by God. For example, the Word of Wisdom is not part of the Book of Mormon. The Tanners have reprinted the original 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon, noting in the text significant changes and more than 3,000 minor changes. Yet, it’s a commandment because it came from a prophet of God. There are a few different sects of the Mormon Church. What it does mean is that God will give us the tools and the strength to get through our trials. And all are welcome to find out for themselves whether or not that’s true. Otherwise, repentance is a real thing. This movement also says that the term Mormon is a nickname given to members early in the churches history, and woul… For a period of time, the Lord commanded the Church to practice polygamy. ― Jon Krakauer, Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith. The prophet Mormon, the Book of Mormon prophet that Mormons got their nickname from, in fact, revealed to us that baptizing little children is a sin. Though Church doctrine teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman, Mormons actively support the LGBTQ community. The Tabernacle organ today 11,623 pipes, but it wasn't always that way. That’s how managing our weaknesses can sometimes go. Latter-day Saints rely heavily on the power of prayer and the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help them discern what is true. Take note of the following statements by Brigham Young who was the second Prophet of the Mormon Church, LDS Apostle Orson Pratt, and current Mormon scripture. Readers find well-researched and easy-to-understand answers to many of the common and not-so-common questions surrounding this high-profile church, all in a handy, quick-reference format. The ordinances of baptism by immersion, the laying on of hands to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, and temple ordinances that seal families together forever are just a few of the blessings “Latter-day Saints” enjoy. In anger, they destroyed all the remaining Nephites, so that when the Europeans finally did arrive on the shores of the Americas, they found only dark-skinned inhabitants. Other truths have been revealed gradually, over time. Some of you might already know some of the Facts that I included, but Most of you don’t so, here’s 10 Amazing Facts about Mormons. God wouldn’t make it possible if it wasn’t. Mormonism is the core theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (. The rest comes little by little. Christ taught that He came to Earth to bear up the brokenhearted. Despite the fact that the leader of the Mormon Church is supposed to relay God’s will to mankind, though, Brigham Young espoused some terrifyingly racist ideals. Reasons hint that the Lord commanded it so the Saints could practice obedience, raise up seed unto Him, and be tested. The Mormons were once at war with the US. Known as the Adam-God theory, believers assert that Adam is “our Father and our God, and the only God with whom we have to do.” According to records, it was Joseph Smith who said this first, and Brigham Young adhered to it. Only men are admitted to this priesthood. Readers find well-researched and easy-to-understand answers to many of the common and not-so-common questions surrounding this high-profile church, all in a handy, quick-reference format. The Facts on the Mormon Church presents the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Mormon history, doctrines, practices, and theology. Instead, the Church has a lay clergy. There are actually more members outside the United States than within it. Much controversy exists in and outside the Church because a lot of people have a hard time understanding the line between perfection and human. If you have been hurt in the past by a Mormon who was only “trying to exercise good judgment,” I apologize on their behalf. After the Church was established in 1830, it took 117 years (1947) for it to reach 1 million members. We fall short all the time. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the position of the Church. Contents: Introduction to Mormonism --What is Mormonism and why is it important?--How did Mormonism originate and how important are supernatural revelations to the founding and sustaining of the Mormon Church?--How can we know if these revelations were from God or whether they originated from some … Their numbers were large and they were loyal to each other and so they had a tendency to change the economics and politics of the places in which they would settle. The Facts on the Mormon Church presents the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Mormon history, doctrines, practices, and theology. It is through that priesthood, which manifests itself through a living prophet, that Jesus Christ guides and directs His church today. Eventually, his successor, Brigham Young, would lead the Mormons to the Salt Lake area of Utah, where they would settle on their own and face a struggle with the US government. You just feel good. During their missions, they only do the work of the Lord, forsaking all worldly things, including dating. Fanny Alger was just 16, as was Flora Ann Woodworth. He showed him where it was, then told him to return to the spot at the age of 21 and obtain the record. However, he does not know everything. Mormons are great people. LDS church leaders have admitted that they hide certain historical facts from their members that would not be faith promoting. People who had been living there before the Saints came along would feel threatened and it led to tensions between the two groups. If we figured it out perfectly, well, then, we may as well just go live with God again. Well, what most likely happened was that you lost that kickstart drive, and went back to who you were. With the restoration of the priesthood power has come the ability to seal in heaven that which has been sealed on earth. For the official Church websites, please visit or Joseph Smith was a great man and prophet, but he was not God, nor was he infallible or omniscient. If you like what I do here and want to support my work, you can donate here or become a patron here. Until pretty soon, right in the middle of the roll, it gathered 16 million members. He has given us the sealing power again to bind on Earth as we do in Heaven. Like the stone, it started small. This does not mean that if we keep the commandments, bad things won’t happen to us. The center of God’s plan is families. So, if nobody but Christ is even close to being perfect, what are we doing expecting perfection from Mormons? For years (decades) the LDS church dodged or denied troubling facts about Joseph Smith and the historical origins of Mormonism. The Saints are often considered one of the most rapidly growing religions in the world. By John Ankerberg, John Weldon, Dillon Burroughs, ISBN: 9780736922166, Paperback. President Gordon B. Hinckley, the fifteenth Latter-day prophet of the Church, told nonmembers to come and bring whatever truths they had, then to see if we could not add to them. Yes, I want the Patheos Nonreligious Newsletter as well, Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. When Joseph’s elder brother Alvin passed away, Joseph was completely devastated. Christ leads through direct revelation to a living prophet, who presides over the entire Church. The Lamanites defied God’s rule, and as a result, God cursed them with darkened skin. Also, send me the Nonreligious Newsletter. Sometimes people think of it as an American church, but there are more members outside the United States than in it. (see also the Mormon Church is a "cult" because it is devoted to the works... of its founder, Joseph Smith) One of the ways it has done this is by teaching "salvation by works". Even the counsel the prophet gives us is meant to be validated by the Lord through personal revelation to each person. He also instructed us to place our burdens on Him and He will give us rest. When Joseph translated it by the power of God, it became the Book of Mormon, or another Testament of Jesus Christ. In fact, it is one of the few churches that is still growing. Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Get updates from Godless Mom delivered straight to your inbox. Readers find well-researched and easy-to-understand answers to many of the common and not-so-common questions surrounding this high-profile church, all in a handy, quick-reference format. Do Mormons Celebrate Easter, Christmas, Birthdays? It’s the complete gospel of Jesus Christ. These large particles will continue to roll faster, and faster, picking up dust as they go, and clouding all their surroundings. They are represented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Community of Christ and the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. Mormonism claims that salvation comes because of the atonement. Well, it’s because God’s teachings are fulfilled in the home and within the family. 9. And that because of that, we will too. Terminology. However, rather than focus on that act, alone, Mormons choose to emphasize that Christ lived again, and still lives today. He was the first prophet of the Latter-days and because of that, his shoulders bore an unimaginable weight that perhaps outweighs that of any other modern-day prophet. 6. Here's a look at surprising facts about Mormons, some of which might account for the church's meteoric rise over the past century. They were descendants of Nephi, who was the son of a prophet who had come to the Americas from Jerusalem. Mormonism is the complete restoration of Jesus Christ’s ancient Church. Mormonism is growing. Think of a stone rolling down a mountain. The church keeps sealing records, however, that suggest Smith was “sealed” to a multitude of women. Often, they must master a foreign language very quickly and share the gospel in a different cultural environment, far away from home. In the same year, Smith founded the Church of Christ—later known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—in Fayette. The church has been deceiving members about the manner Smith translated the Book of Mormon. The problem was, Christ’s church shattered like a mirror after the apostles were killed off and these Orthodox and even Protestant churches only picked up bits and pieces of it. These are just a few examples of the many different callings members of the Church receive. Prior to using seer stones to translate the Book of Mormon from golden tablets, Joseph Smith was arrested for swindling people out of their money with those same seer stones. There are some things the Church is NOT. There are more non-English speakers than English speakers and church materials are translated into many languages (166 languages in 2008).

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