As a last step of the wrapping we are creating a winding check just above the grip. You need to shim the blank with masking tape up to this point in order to ensure a snug fit of the grip. Before starting the rod building process I had never heard of the term “spining”. Continue by applying epoxy from above the reel seat all the way to the upper mark that indicates the end of the grip. They seemed perfect for someone with absolutely no experience in rod building. If there is no logo on the reel seat (as in our case) just align the slots of where the reel will be attached with the logo on the blank. Ben's Fiberglass Fly Rods - Home You found us, welcome! Take the snake guides and start taping them to the spots marked before. This rod is available in 1- to 8-weights, but really you should be looking at these for 5-weight and below.$250 may be a bit steep, so keep an eye out for it on sale. ROD IS MISSING FLY KEEP BUT OVER ALL ROD IS VERY GOOD PLUS USED CONDITION. This section is a bit stiffer and hence presents a greater resistance to bending. Mix up a batch of epoxy following the instructions in the guide book. In the '60s, a few companies such as Winston, Orvis and Hardy started amking fiberglass fly rods that could compete with bamboo. It might enable you to use it once again. Free shipping . The last step is the alignment of the reel seat with the Epic logo above the grip. Make sure to clean any excess glue with alcohol. 8 1/2' 7wt. The underlying effect behind this is called “spine”, hence the term spining. •Scott F Series $695 - Available in 2- to 4- weights, the Scott F Series has been an incredible fly rod for adventurous fly fishers. Due to other projects it took me a few months and a global crisis to find the time to finally start building the rod. Repeat this for all the guides and the winding check. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Fiberglass fly rods were strong, easy to mass produce, and had much of a similar action and feel to bamboo without the extra steps of working with that material. We spoke with the World Fish Migration Foundation about removing these obstacles. Epic offers one in their online store and it would definitely be a good decision to get one. Fiberglass sometimes gets a bad rap as many of these fly rods are written off as historically being heavy, with rod actions similar to a buggy whip. May 18, 2015 - Fiberglass Fly Rods. Custom built fiberglass, graphite and bamboo fly rods by Graywolf Products and Services. $189.95. It might help you consider getting a fly rod turner and drying motor. These can be a very nice find, especially if they are still in their sock and tube. For those of you looking to get into fiberglass fly rods to see what all the fuss is about, or maybe you just want another glass rod without the investment, a Prudential Glass rod is perfect. Be sure to check out our page on buying used fly rods. Do not glue the end cap of the reel seat just yet! Also don’t forget to wrap the ferules in the end. Don’t paint the finish. Of course it depends on your skills but a vague estimate for beginners would have helped. The short to medium casting range used on these waters is where you will catch most trout, anyways. Fiberglass rods could be mass produced using less skilled workers. Fiberglass fly rods have seen a revival in recent years. That makes alignment easier. They have a medium-fast action that can help create some distance on larger streams, after you have dialed in your casting. Rod blanks are the beginning of your custom rod building journey. Some rod companies have started to reproduce these wobbly wonders with maybe nostalgia in mind. It is definitely possible to build a fly rod (on the basis of a fly rod building kit) on a weekend and without any prior rod building skills. Simply rotate it by 180 degrees every few minutes. But the rod building process requires some breaks for the glue to dry or the coat to soak in and dry. Another aspect that would have helped us before starting to build the rod would have been a rough time frame. The spine results from the manufacturing process of fiberglass fly rods. 5wt Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fiberglass Fly Rod w/case (new model) Regular price $199.99 Sale price $179.99 Sale View. The entire process is a lot of fun and it definitely feels special to fish a rod you made yourself. •Fiberglass is a slower material by its very nature. •Most of the lighter weight fiberglass rods have a slow action. Explore our in-depth guides to other important fly fishing topics, and stock up on essential flies for trout fly fishing. It is made from S2 fiberglass, and has hard chrome stripping guides and a silver reel seat. PO Box 274 Livingston, Montana 59047. Free ground shipping on all orders. Graphite fly rods were lighter in overall weight than fiberglass. Shop Redington's fly rod families. If you are looking for a fast-acting fly rod, graphite may be a better choice for you. In the '50s, fiberglass fly rods still did not compare well to bamboo when it came to performance and action. Fiberglass was also lower in cost and required less maintenance. Imagine six friends who want to travel to Russia in June. Without a doubt there are a lot of fine fiberglass fly rods to chose from these days. A throwback to vintage glass rods, this setup brings a modern, efficient feel to a classic era of rod making. Defining the spots of the guides on your fly rod blank is pretty straightforward. Most fly fishermen probably start with tying flies. W/ Tube and Sock. There, in an “Orvis owned store” you will find every fly rod they make – not perhaps the whole series, but at least an example of what you’re looking for in an action or price range, if not every rod in a series. At Get Bent Fly Shop we offer a wide range of fiberglass fly rod blanks. Topics Author Replies Views Last post ; Announcements: Posting Guide: jgestar. Our earliest rods grew from fiberglass roots. These short rods are really a joy to fish with from panfish on a dry fly to tiny mountain stream natives, that is the sole purpose for me making this style of rod, they excel on narrow brush covered streams were casting is difficult with a longer rod, still in open areas the 2/3 wt rods will cast 40+ ft with the 3wt and even farther with the 5/6wt depending on experience level. If you are walking rough ground and bushwacking along a stream bank, you can relax more than if you were carrying a delicate and expensive bamboo or graphite rod. Learn More. The G. Loomis NRX+ is the best 5-weight fly rod (as you’ll see later in this list) but it’s also the best rod overall. Quality fiberglass rods are attracting more attention today for the same reasons they have in the past. The first step here is to slide the reel seat and the cork grip onto the fly rod blank. It is a slightly thicker section in the tube wall of the fly rod blanks. See more ideas about fly rods, fiberglass, spinning rods. 29284. The more mass-produced models can often be had for a song. A few years back the thought of building my own tackle crossed my mind for the first time. You can purchase a good fiberglass fly rod for under $250. Start at the guide foot and work towards the center. The guide book describes this entire process very well. Make sure to leave enough room for the epoxy. Bean Lamiglas-Built Fiberglass Fly Rod. •More durable than bamboo and graphite, making them a great travel rod. Their rods had always been some of my favorites and one day, browsing their online store, I discovered their rod building kits. Depending on the model you chose the reel seat might feature a logo as well. These glass rods have a medium to slow action and are great for roll casting, close-in fishing, and tippet protection. If you tie your own flies already, chances are you own one. As a result fiberglass rods soon started to take market share away from bamboo. Vintage Phillipson Master MF60C Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod. The drop in demand for fiberglass rods soon led to large companies dropping production. It will take a couple of hours to wrap all the guides. •Like bamboo, fiberglass rods are best used in the shorter lengths (under 8-feet). It will also hinder the finish from fully penetrating the thread. You always have a second opinion. The parcel arrived only a few days later. Definitely! Hand-made, with a full flex, slow-action and medium recovery you can present a variety of flies perfectly in your small streams. Prepare the wrapping of the guides by cutting a number of small pieces of masking tape about 5mm wide. 0. They became the most popular and desirable rod material, but slowly disappeared in the 70s with the introduction of graphite rods. After aligning the guides, glue the tip to the top end of the blank. The spine results from the manufacturing process of fiberglass fly rods. The give of the fly rod helps to protect light tippets from breaking. Sold Out Sale View. Rather than give you a detailed how-to (there is an excellent guide book that comes with the Epic rod building kit and a great video tutorial) I want to explain what we learned from building a rod for the first time. For further research into fiberglass flyrods I recommend the Fiberglass Flyrodders web forum. Consider choosing a place where you can build the rod for at least 48 hours. We give you an overview of what reel to pick in our guide to the best fly reel for trout. $119.99. Often fly rod blanks have more than one spining option. Hence consider getting one with the rod building kit as mentioned in the beginning. It is a slightly thicker section in the tube wall of the fly rod blanks. The SuperGLASS fiberglass fly rod by NIRVANA On The Fly is a beautifully designed medium/fast action S-Glass fly rod with a beautiful agate guide. This rod has a smooth and slow action. Slide the reel seat up from the bottom of the butt section. Once you’re done with that mark the reel seat position. In my opinion you should set aside a weekend for building a rod for example. If you like spring creeks, and small streams then fiberglass fly rods are worth looking into. FLY FISHING IN ITS PUREST FORM The Red Truck Fiberglass Outfit embodies fly fishing in its purest form. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There may be no better time to be a contemporary fiberglass fly rod angler due to the choices that range across the entire spectrum of price, action, line weights, and finish. Later in the development of the process a steel mandrel was used because it was reusable. Some names to watch for include Phillipson, Garcia, Browning, Fenwick, Conolon, Shakespeare, Wright & McGill, and Hottocks-Ibbotson (H&I). Building my first fly rod was a lot of fun. This is especially helpful for beginning casters. Leave your rod to dry for at least 12 hours and at least 24 hours before you cast it! Some of the best on the market are fishpond nets. Fiberglass fly rods were first made by wrapping impregnated fiberglass cloth over a wooden core then wrapping the rod in cellophane. The one other need to check out fiberglass fly rods is Orvis, specifically an Orvis owned and operated store, and in some cases an authorized Orvis dealer. If that happens take a Q-tip and remove the glue. Get the best deal for Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rods from the largest online selection at The Epic Fly Rod Building Kit is also a great present for any fly fisherman. It’s a small decorative ring meant to cover any gap between the bore in the grip and the blank. Once your guides have dried overnight they should all look nice and clear. Advice: don’t apply to much finish. Fly rod blanks tend to naturally bend more in one direction than another. For more than two decades the Wild Salmon Center has been fighting to protect wild fish from the Pacific Northwest to the Russian Far East. Most fly fishermen and women will fish for trout at some point. We offer both S-Glass and E-Glass fiberglass fly rod blanks and each come in a variety of colors. Then they decrease in size all the way to the tip. Renato Vitalini of V Stick Custom Fly Rods. In a year of lockdowns across Europe planning a week ahead is rather difficult. Note: We earn a small commission (at no extra cost for you) if you click on one of the links provided. Always waiting just for you to test drive in a parking lot of your choosing – out front or in the back. If you don’t have a bobbin you can try to attach the spool of silk thread to the packaging of the rod building kit with a toothpick for example. 4wt Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fiberglass Fly Rod w/case. If you think fiberglass rods are something you only find in a cheap sporting goods store for $39.95, check out these makers. Once you’re done put the rod back in the stands. If not, you should definitely consider spending an extra $10 – $30 to get one. Fiberglass Fly Rods The resurgence in fiberglass fly rods is a direct result of many anglers rejecting the whiplash action of graphite for the smoother casting feedback action of fiberglass rods. Then let it dry overnight placing the rod in the stands or a rod dryer if you have one. Slide the grip down the blank. It makes the wrapping process a lot easier – believe me. They come in line weights 2 to 7, and have numerous grip and hardware customizations. Bamboo fly rods are ideal for the most subtle and delicate of presentations, and for anglers who enjoy the rod's slow and very flexible action. Wakeman Fly Fishing Starter Set- 8 lb Fiberglass Rod, Travel Bag, 12 Dry Flies and Box (Aluminum Reel) $23.99$23.99 $27.98 shipping Eagle Claw, Featherlight Fly … It easily beats out all other 5 weights on the market in 2020. L.L. Fiberglass rods were invented in the 1940s to replace metal and bamboo rods. Get your Epic Fly Rod Kit: simply click here. Custom Fiberglass Fly Rods ... Black Jack Carbon Silica Fiberglass Hybrid 8 foot 6 inch 5/6 weight 5 piece built fly rod. The bottom of the reel seat should be level with the bottom of the fly rod blank. Epic do a great job in terms of their components and explaining the whole process thoroughly in the accompanying guide book. You will see the thread absorb the finish. It works but the bobbin prevents the thread from twisting and makes wrapping a lot easier. •Orvis SuperFine Glass $429 - Orvis is back in the fiberglass market with these Made in Vermont rods. Steel mandrels are still used today to make both fiberglass and graphite fly rods. These Prudential Series Glass rods are proof of that. Try our Budget-Friendly (BUT AWESOME) Lunar fly rods from Moonlit or our fantastic (and customer favorite) SuperGLASS fly rod from NIRVANA On The Fly. Burled hardwood rod seat, and diamond alignment markers make this rod appealing and functional. Each is individually made and finished. Just a word of advice: don’t wrap too tightly as that will make the final guide alignment difficult. Take one of the spatulas that come with the kit and apply a thin coat to the reel seat arbor. Steel mandrels are still used today to make both fiberglass and graphite fly rods. 1/4 of the weight, high tech fibers, helical core, electrical (E) and strength (S) glass. | Free shipping on many items! Fiberglass was developed during World War Two to be used in aircraft applications. See fly rod action for more information. Sale JP Ross Custom Fly Rods & Co. 7" JP ROSS Western Grip, Counter Bore for Black Jack Reel Seat. This fly rod is well balanced, giving you casting accuracy and less arm fatigue. This is a TWO piece 8'6" Fiberglass Fly Rod Rod is in GREAT fishing shape.and possibly unfished.Comes with a nice sock.Rod will be shipped in a PVC tube.I will combine shipping to save you money.Shipping Cost will be $20.00 in USA.GOOD LUCK! Durable, with solid design features and good action make this rod a good choice for chasing trout in small mountain streams, while still offering the ability to cover ground with your cast and holding on to fighting fish. This is a crucial mark since you cannot sand or glue the blank past this mark. FIBERGLASS FLY ROD IN TRIANGLE TUBE AND PLAID GREEN BAG, 8FT, TWO SECTION, CORK HANDLE, 6 WEIGHT LINE. This section is a bit stiffer and hence presents a greater resistance to bending. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages as well as some of our fiberglass fly rod recommendations. We put our name on the map in those early years creating high performance, multi piece glass fly rods for anglers venturing into the mountains to catch wild trout in cool crystalline waters. •Graphite is a better choice for longer rods used for lakes and larger streams where you may encounter wind. That doesn’t mean you will be working non-stop for 48 hours. This makes for a better glueing surface. Do not get any epoxy in the bore. Our FastGlass fiberglass fly rods are perfectly designed for long lazy casting strokes, presenting dry flies like thistledown and … 6' 6wt. Vintage Herter's RB6JO 7' 0" 2 Piece Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod or Spinning Rod. In order to find the spine in your fly rod blanks you hold the blank at a 45 degree angle with one hand near the tip and press down and rotate at the same time with the fingers of your other hand (see picture above). The wrapping process is explained in great detail in the guide book hence we will not go into detail here. Livingston Rod Company. 406-570-3446 Email. We build fly rods and develop blanks, with a passion for fiberglass. Fiberglass fly rods provide the fly angler with great versatility and durability. Good quality fiberglass fly rods that have been made in the past can still be found. Best Fiberglass Fly Rods. Otherwise you will spend quite a bit of extra time on manually drying your rod. Trim off any small humps and tag ends using a razor blade. Some people question the process of spining all together. Don't compare it to the 'old' glass rods. It was then backed to bond the layers. Once you found your spine mark it with the marker that comes with the rod building kit. Other useful things to consider getting/preparing before starting the rod building process: – A tape measure (to find the right spots for the guides), – A razor blade or very sharp fine bladed craft knife (for cleaning up the wraps). Instead hold your brush on an already wetted section and let the threads draw in the liquid. Also, you can’t go wrong when spining your fly rod blanks. We offer a broad selection of fly rod blanks, including SAGE, TFO, Arctos, Mystic and our very popular fiberglass blanks. Location. Doing so together with a friend definitely made it easier. They have been on the map for decades and what began in 1974 with Glenn Struble, and continued with Jeffery Pentecost, is now in new hands with Steven Van Winkle (who you may know from Shopkeeper Fly Rods) and his partner, John Smith. The name Struble should resonate to everyone from hobby fly rod builders, custom builders, and to long standing fly rod companies. There is a growing interest in the fiberglass rod and even the large manufacturers are beginning to pay attention. Although I knew I could never even come close to Renato’s craftsmanship I was intrigued to try building my own rod. If you mixed 2ml of hardener with 2ml of resin thin it with about 2ml of thinner (alcohol). •2- to 4-weight fiberglass rods are a great choice for small spring creek and stream fly fishing where a stealthy approach and presentation is a must. At the time, glass rods were the relative newcomer, having bumped bamboo from the mountaintop roughly a generation earlier. – Set up your wrapping stand in a nicely lit place with some space. •They are more affordable. Starting on a Friday night, chances are high your rod will be finished by Sunday. Fiberglass is the perfect material to build fly rods that are extremely tough, durable and fuller flexing than Carbon fibre. We'll give you an overview of what's out there and what to look for. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Rotate the rod to apply the finish and let it be pulled off the brush instead of painting it on. This overview shall give you a feeling for the process of building a fly rod. Free shipping . Would I build another fly rod? It’s smooth, buttery action and perfect balance make it an absolute pleasure to fish and an outfit worthy of any trout fisher's collection For that align the rear of the reel seat with the blank’s bottom and clearly mark the position at the top of the reel seat. It is available from 2- to 8-weight. Take the bobbin (if you followed our advice to get one) and attach the white silk thread. The fiberglass fly rod story began in 1944 when Dr. Arthur Howald used an Owens-Corning fiber called Plaskon to build a new tip for his broken bamboo rod. This is a TWO piece 8'6" Fiberglass Fly Rod Rod is in GREAT fishing shape.and possibly unfished.Comes with a nice sock.Rod will be shipped in a PVC tube.I will combine shipping to save you money.Shipping Cost will be $20.00 in USA.GOOD LUCK! Once you’re done with wrapping the guides you have to align them. • Diamondback Meeker Glass Fly Rods $253- This rod comes in weights 2 to 6. While it is true that fiberglass fly rods hit their peak between 1950 and 1970, they are making a comeback and they could just become your best fly rod for spring creeks and small streams. As mentioned before there is a complete video tutorial embedded at the end of the article.

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