My guess is maybe loosening one side of the axles ubolts and and nudging the entire thing forward or backwards. Ford Ranger Forum - Forums for Ford Ranger enthusiasts! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 26 Posts. Could this be ... will plant one side and want to lift the other side), and axle wrap. Rear toe is the angle of the tires on the rear axle, and this is used to adjust the rear grip of your truck. At any rate, once again, shortening or extending an adjustable control arm will not move the axle further out one side or the other. Really, the only word that comes to mind is WOW. Rear Axle Bearing Service Kit Kit includes all normally replaced parts for servicing left or right rear axle on 1979-1995 Toyota 4x4 Pickups and 4Runners. Solution: The description “rear wheel lock-up” can be used to describe any one of several problems with the rear brakes of a vehicle.Before any problem can be cured it first has to be understood. It is driving me insane but I don't see a way to fix it because of how the axle bolts up to the leaf spring. Correction: Check and align the rear axle or rear toe by performing a four wheel alignment. Rear axle Shifted after Lift ... spacer of the Fabtech my rear suspension is a really big bind and the axle has shifted about an inch to the passenger side. This occurs when one side rail shifts in relationship to the other side rail. Better yet just move your bed off center if it bugs you that much. The only easy solution I can think of is to compensate with a bigger spacer on one side. Its part #33117722890Its a ring seal that goes on the driveshaft side of the axle. Stopped the truck and noticed my rear axle is now crooked, slightly but more than enough. Until the late 20th century, rear-wheel drive was the most common configuration for cars. http://www.ranger forums .com/drivetr...-center-56654/. Shift to the passenger side is normal on our cars and was built in from the factory it seems. The cure for this is often as easy as simply tightening the U-bolts. i also measured from the leaf spring to the tire and the measurement is not the same from left to … the drivers side rear tire sticks out further from the wheel well than the passenger side does by over an inch. If one side has something like a broken leaf spring or the rear axle not square, with the other side not having a broken leaf and square, this might throw off the gap on one side versus the other. Thanks! Idk. Re: Rear Axle shifted to the passenger side All that seems just fine, the rims are factory and everything looks normal. Gets noticable when putting large rims on the car and especially with solid bushings. My rear axle seems to be shifted to the left. It will only push the axle further back or further forward in the wheel opening. Jim . Custom Wheel Center Caps, Vinyl Decals Racing #'s etc. Measure distance from frame to the diff. OT The rear end on my 1965 Ford Custom is shifted to one side... OT The rear end on my 1965 Ford Custom is shifted to one side... FalconStng. The front wheels are aligned to vehicle specifications but the vehicle pulls to one side. After reading your replies I measured my rear end to the bed and it was only out of center by 3/32" so I would call that almost perfect based on everyone else's experience. When one end of the rear axle moves more than the other end it changes angle a little, effectively steering the rear end of the car off line. The axle is shifted to the passenger side of the car about a half an inch and that side rubs the outside fender a little when a big bump hits. I'll try to post pictures up later to show it. Hey so I did the eibach lift and upon doing my rear measurement I’m noticing the lean and that the axle is shifted to the passenger side. ^I will report back once measurements are taken. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. Here’s the weird thing. Measure the axle itself and not the wheel and tire. I've measured the difference cut the perches and shifted them 1/2 the measured distance towards the driver side. Thanks for the help! Could have been gently T-boned in the tire in a past life. O'Brien wrote:I glanced at and rough measured mine for the sake or converastion on this one and found the same dimensions to be within 1/16" of and inch or .062.5,whatever blows your dress up.I would think that on this particular application that this would be well within alignment tolerances considering the rotational flex of a trucks rear end. You've noticed that the Axle appears to have its center NOT center with the centerline of the body of the car, i.e. No one thinks that the rear end may be shifted over and by loosening both side u bolts and pushing the axle over just 1/4 - 1/2 inch will fix the problem? It has lowering springs, Hotchkis lower and upper rear control arms (non-adjustable), quad shocks removed, 8.8 rear end, and 275 rear tires. Should be slightly offset to the right. I will get pictures from the rear of the truck tomorrow, but in these you can clearly see the difference: Passenger side, way out Drivers side, visibly more in. Brake drag: The pull is constant to one side and may get worse when appling the brakes. It would be much less sketchy than puttin Is this normal? Jack the truck up from the hitch if you can enough to get weight off the rearend and see if the rearend moves at all. I will get pictures from the rear of the truck tomorrow, but in these you can clearly see the difference: You need to take measurements from the frame to the drums and see if they are the same. Will it throw off the driveshaft and cause more problems. The rear axle positioning on these trucks already places it slightly back in the wheel well. 2017 Tundra, 17k miles. From the pics it looks like the rear end is shifted to the pass. Rear-wheel-drive (RWD) is a form of engine and transmission layout used in motor vehicles, where the engine drives the rear wheels only. While installing shocks I removed what I thought were homemade lower/raising blocks from the top of the leaf springs, attempted to drive into my garage and a low moan sound from underneath and then a light of hop in the rear. I am going to look into it this weekend when i can get it on a lift. Causes: Directional tire pull (shifted belt in tire), a possible bent rear axle and/or rear axle misalignment. My issue was that I checked the overall alignment and found that the front and rear both had 1.5mm of toe-in which seems good, but the problem was the rear end is pointed towards the passenger side by 1.5mm. Can this be done? Quote: Originally Posted by 10rangersport Better yet just move your bed off center if it bugs you that much. Then you would need 4 wheel alignment capability. further on the passenger side than the drivers side. I see what Bob mentions about your u-bolts. 250. Check gaps in the bed and how in line the bed is with the cab. On a vehicle with an independent front suspension and a rear live-axle, the shifted rails will cause the front suspension to have an increased setback and thrust angle. This is the rear axle that has shifted, right? The techs just shifted the axle back and I was good to go. Sucks Ford hasn't or can't do anything about it. DT_Up to $120 Visa Prepaid Card with the purchase of 4 select tires and wheels with your DT credit card. People like him make me believe that birth control needs to be put in the public water supply, Provide us some pictures and maybe we can see about some measurements from fixed points that members can verify (I suggest eliminating the wheels from the equation - measure fixed suspension components)'. Maybe something's loose somewhere or maybe the trucks just funky and that's how it is. I had a '73 Dodge Charger that had collision damage to the rear quarter panel on one side, the Dealer that repaired it replaced only the leaf spring on the damaged side, with a junk yard leaf spring from another year Charger. It would be much less sketchy than putting you wheel out farther than the other side, Better break out the tape measure and measure the axle itself. maybe one of the alignment pegs broke off and the rear shifted Nov 28, 2010 #4. frankz Veteran Member. ... On one of my Tacoma’s, I replaced the spring packs and the rear axle shifted a little. I bet if you do a search on this site as well as others like a first generation Camaro site, you will find a lot of different gaps between the tire and the quarter panel. I think I would pull both rear spring packs and compare them. side about 3/8".The front spring eye/bushing location in the frame bracket is suspect. The measurements and shifting are changing! Axle is shifted right (towards passenger side) about 1/2-3/4". If you don't believe cars...ANY cars (Ford, Chevy, Honda, whatever) are better put together today then in 1982 you are either totally blind or totally blind. Joined: Aug 24, 2009 Location: Illinois. It seems from research that this is not unheard of. lol. 1; 2; Next. In an effort to preserve the history of the Early Fox Era, FEP covers the following vehicles: 79-86 Mustang and Capri, 84-86 Mustang SVO, 78-83 Fairmont & Zephyr, 83-86 LTD & Marquis, 80-88 Thunderbird & Cougar, 82-87 Continental, 84-92 Mark VII, 81-82 Granada. Rear end shifted to one side I recently bought a 1982 Capri RS. I get the axle jacked back up and to my horror the axle shifted and therefore will not line back up with the leaf spring pin. Most rear-wheel drive vehicles feature a longitudinally-mounted engine at … Hasn't even seen a gravel road for that matter. Noticeable when looking down the sides of the truck. Final Word. Measure the axle itself and not the wheel and tire. Measure from one side of the frame at the front and rear using the half measurements and place a mark on the floor at each end of the car at centerline. Raptor is one month old with 2,000 miles. This allows the rear axle to shift fore or aft a little on the leaf spring with acceleration and deceleration. Truck is riding sideways going down the road, what to look for and how to fix it. URGENT: Rear axle shifted?! Expires 1/31/2015. I un bolted the driver side I bolts completely (this is where I went wrong) and started to drop the rear axle with the jack and then all hell broke loose because the rear axle hit the ground which sent me into panic mode. There are a number of important pieces of information you will need before you can begin your cure of whatever type of rear wheel lockup you are faced with. Increasing rear toe will improve rear grip, but it will reduce top speed; ... and it controls how much weight is shifted from one side to the other. I saw you had an anti-wrap device installed. Same issue. ... 1991 Ranger - 38" TSL's, 3 link, One tons, 5.38s on King air shocks....under construction. perpendicular but shifted over to one side or the other? clowns to the left of me , Jokers to the right. ascMcLaren & Motorsport/Grand Prix IV Capris, RHD and Other International/Export Models, Mods, Maintenance & Mechanical FAQs/Archive, If this is your first visit, be sure to Messages: 2,125 Likes Received: 27. The rear axle on my truck sticks out about 1/2 in. Rear axle shifted back. This occurs when one side rail shifts in relationship to the other side rail. check out the. The 2" shift is really only 1"--as you move the axle laterally, one side gets further away from the frame while the other gets closer--if you measure a 2" gap (wheel to frame) on one side, with "zero" gap on the other, centering would be achieved by moving the axle only 1" (one inch), by way of the adjustable upper control arms. the bed is alligned properly so thats not it. My truck hasn't even been off-road yet. On a vehicle with an independent front suspension and a rear live-axle, the shifted rails will cause the front suspension to have an increased setback and thrust angle.

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