However they were completely out of stock with no idea on when replacements would be available. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. New Electric Bike Shift Sensor For Bafang Mid Drive Motor. No One Gives A Rat's Ass About Your 'Street Legal' Ebike : Build Something Awesome. 1 Pair*Electric bike brake s 11.1 Pair Hydraulic Brake Sensor 12.1pcs GearSensor Shifting Sensor i had one instance while testing that the motor turned on, spun slowly, then quit when i released the throttle and wouldn’t start again. There is a 13 minute video located here of a BBS02 breakdown that shows all the steps for complete disassembly by Guillaume Devot who somehow manages to keep his workbench impossibly clean the entire time. Is It Wise To Power My 48 Volt Mid Drive System With A 52 Volt Battery, Master Yoda? This part can also be called the "knock sensor", as it monitors any unusual knocking, or vibration that may be happening in the engine. The The job of the electronic spark control is to control the engine timing. BAFANG Mid-Drive Motor Gear Sensor Bafang 8Fun Electric Bike Shift Sensor BAFANG Shift Sensor eBike Gear Sensor BBS Only: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors But thats not where the story ends…. Riding with a temp probe will help you learn what you can get away with, but as a rule of thumb just keep in a gear that keeps your pedaling cadence very fast when you are on a long steep hill. Check the easy stuff first – like ebrake connectors. A visual inspection of the connector should show if arcing has damaged the contact points. The other sensor is the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. Ebike Repair Customer Reviews ... 1 Comment With Bafang now shipping controllers with a built-in gear sensor cable and gear sensors now available from multiple U.S. resellers we now have a better option to consider to protect our drive train while shifting. Someone can help me? Make sure that the Speed Sensor … All of these are very easily determinable with just programming. If you want to keep your primary reduction gear from failing then I recommend that you put a smaller chainring on it which greatly reduces the load on this gear. This is for all the motors. If it is too tight or too loose you will have problems. The best course of action on fatbikes is to twist the speedo up or down out-of-the-way then remove the tire for service and then twist the speedo back after the tire is remounted. Bye. As described, this sensor is used to monitor the speed of the transmission’s input shaft. Common signs include harsh or improper shifting, cruise control not working, and the Check Engine Light coming on. Almost anyone with very little technical know how can order a drive kit and 48v-52v battery pack and have it installed and running on almost any bike with 2-3 hours of work. Common signs include lacking power when accelerating, rough or slow idle, stalling, inability to shift up, and the Check Engine Light coming on. Bafang Gear Shift Sensor. Disconnect the sensor from the housing on the transmission, as indicated in the repair manual for your car. Material: ABS. If either of these two sensors falls out of alignment or experiences electrical issues, it impacts the operation of the entire transmission. So far so good. Unfortunately, without additional detail as to the specific model of your vehicle, it may be difficult to diagnose without physically inspecting the vehicle.... First off, the P0174 code is for the system to lean, the P1860 code is for the TCC solenoid electrical system. LCD display 4. If you have a hard time keeping your hand there because it is so hot then you probably overheated the unit. In contrast burned out mosfets will not smell at all. I’ve recently fell in love with the XT60 (60 Amp load limit) and XT90 (90 Amps load limit) connectors and I’ve been using them as my new standard on my packs and drive units. Throw them away and buy another one. If the watt meter stays on when power is applied then the battery is probably fine and the problem is on the BBS02 side. If the windings are melted you should see black marks where the motor overheated and the varnish melted. My advice when you buy a BBS02 drive unit is to buy two instead. The reason this has happened is because your lock rings at the end of the axle have loosened. The P1860 code points to possible transmission issues. If you have a 100mm drive unit and the unit is loose then the axle extension may have loosened up or stripped the tapped threads and pulled out. Programming the controllers is pretty easy and even non-techies can do it but it voids your warranty so be aware of that before you do it. It still knows when I’m spinning the crank arms and accelerates. Many of these steps will have you swapping out components that you probably just won’t have lying around. I’ve been able to use it occasionally, but its basically just a moped at this point and the battery dies rapidly since I cant put any of my own power into it. If your motor stops working and it has been under load the first thing you should do is put your nose right next to the unit and take a good long sniff. no evidence of water, grime, chafing, or damage. Take a BBS02 drive unit into almost any bike shop that doesn’t specialize in ebikes and the owners will just probably shrug their shoulders and tell you that you’re on your own. If you notice your transmission is shifting harshly or roughly, you should contact a local ASE certified mechanic as soon as possible. display lights up, speedo works, battery full… but no drive / power when i twist the “throttle” and no power assist when pedaling. I therefore bought an ebay controller, and whollah it worked again. It could also be a failed throttle where the hall sensor has broken loose and is activating without the throttle being activated. It also can indicate an increase in tailpipe emissions surpassing acceptable limits for environmental contaminants from motor vehicles. YourMechanic’s technicians bring the dealership to you by performing this job at your home or office 7-days a week between 7AM-9PM. You will find that for example, the first pedal-assist setting … occasionally the motor will turn if I flip the throttle on several times but that is it. If you find a fix I would love to hear about it. ... Bafang/8fun spare parts, BPM clutches, BBS01 LCD display, … Change ). Size: 47*18*12mm 1.Intelligent sensor that will power down or shut off the motor during shifting … When there is no load on the battery the voltage will quickly recover. If the signals are lost from the transmission speed sensors, the PCM will set a DTC and illuminate the Check Engine Light on the vehicle dashboard. Once the problem has been fixed, the mechanic will reset the error codes. The BBS02 ebike conversion kit comes with a high quality ebike and all BBS02 kit parts. What they really hate is being in too high of a gear with too slow pedaling cadence on too steep of a hill. Expect the rubber washer to be severely mangled on every drive unit  you get. Swapping out the controller or cable is not going to help, talk to the vendor you bought the BBSHD from and get a replacement display. The only solution to this problem is replacing the controller, preferably with one that has the newer mosfets on it which are a little more expensive at $100 but worth it. A messed up pack or a pack with poor electrical connections can often read full voltage with a normal voltage meter but as soon as there is any load on it the voltage can drop precipitously. If you’re having trouble with the Anderson’s power-poles then try high quality XT90 connectors purchased with pigtails and soldered onto your existing wires. LEARN MORE. Any other mid-drive ebike kit is going to take a lot more time and energy to install and get working properly. Shifting into a higher gear will not generally create much of a problem, but sometimes shifting into a lower gear will., I washed my bbs02 and it will try to go even took me a whole block today then quits its a month old can anybody suggest what I should do, Hi, Together with other friends we have buyed 4 motors BBS02b 750w 48v Did my controller overheat and shut down or is the battery dead? Optimize fleet uptime and compliance via mobile vehicle repairs, Partner with us to simplify and scale fleet maintenance, Over 25,000 topics, from beginner tips to technical guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance costs, Hand-picked, community-rated professionals, Our mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 cities, Explore nationwide job opportunities for automotive technicians, Trusted mechanics, rated by thousands of happy car owners, Fleet maintenance with certified mobile mechanics. checked all connections. The most common of these codes is the 21 code which shows a problem with the speedo. The actual gear ratio is then compared to the desired gear ratio. Often if your primary gear peanut butters the bike will not roll backwards without a huge amount of resistance. Turn the key to the ignition on, but engine … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I definitely recommend installing the Bafang Gear Shift Sensor potentially if you exceed 1600w on the rear wheel, you will significantly reduce the life of your rear derailleur, cassette, and chain. Connector: 3 pin yellow color. If you notice that your cruise control does not engage when you press the button, contact a mechanic so they can inspect the vehicle and determine why the cruise control is not working. Hi Karl, great post! If you want to be through before you spring for a new controller than you can test your BBS02 will a different display and\or throttle but in all my time reading about failures on the BBS02 I’ve heard of countless controller failures and very few throttle failures (I think only one). Buy 2 identical drive units from the get-go. I recommend putting the axle in a bench vise and getting a very large Phillips screwdriver and then attaching vise grips to the screwdriver handle and turning them with all your weight on top of the screwdriver. In all honesty I’ve never seen any of these other codes even though I’ve had plenty of low voltage packs and overheated controllers shutting down on me. The easiest way to check to see if the windings are melted is to take the motor apart and do a visual inspection of the windings. removed controller and checked wiring (and gearbox hardware). Reprogramming your Bafang mid-drive system can improve the usability and performance of your ebike. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. If you buy a drive unit with a battery pack most reputable vendors will set the LVC on the BBS02 to match the pack it is mated to. It sends a signal to the controller to cut motor power while shifting gears. Solved the issue within the half hour, Land Rover Range Rover Sport - Brake Pads Replacement (Front, Rear) - Houston, Texas. It could also be a problem with the internal clutch catching. If you are having continual chain problems where the chain keeps slipping off the chainwheel no matter how you adjust the tension then you should swap the chainring out to a Raceface Narrow\Wide or a Lekkie Bling-Ring. Function: Cut Power during Gear Shift. If you don’t have a temp probe and you’re not sure if it shut down from overheat or low voltage then reach down and hold your bare hand on the drive unit casing. This occurs when your axle has twisted or bent. In so many ways Bafang’s BBS02 750W drive unit is a dream come true. There is a infinitesimally small chance that you are lucky enough to have a code display on your BBS02 display. 1.8FUN 48v 1000w mid drive motor BBSHD bafang bbs motor 2.Brake lever 3. I have NO explanation. The controller is blown if the unit does not power off when it dies but instead you hear a bunch of clicks like gears skipping and then the throttle doesn’t do anything and you can’t hear any motor running at all when you hit the throttle. I have performed many diagnostic tests on everything from the pas board to the Hal sensors which all seem to be outputting normally. Instructions for programming your controller are here and the programming guide is here. Too much torque on the lock nuts shreds the rubber washer. The stock settings out of the factory are often not the best settings. If it is out of warranty, Bafang still can repair … As a safety precaution, the ECU will shut down the cruise control and render it inactive. I’ve also heard of people having their cabling on the display break internally and getting the same 30 error. If you are using the throttle on power level 9 regularly then you must read this article on care and feeding of your BBS02 if you want it to not die a quick and untimely death. Now, I am a bit confused. A $5 thermometer can save your $80 controller. is made in Czech Republic. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. You can also replace the mosfets yourself with ones that don’t suck from Digikey but it’s not for the meek of heart and not recommended. If the mosfets on the controller are blown you should feel a fair bit of resistance when you spin the rear wheel backwards and the tire is off the ground. Most of my BBS02 units have a temp probe installed on them, the instructions for doing that are here. as mentioned earlier, I measure no voltage output to the motor (across green, yellow, and blue phase wires). Chevrolet Malibu - Fuel Filter - Las Vegas, Nevada, very knowledgeable, professional and fast. I’ve switched displays and done continuity tests on all the cables. Luna offers 2 different stabilizer bars to secure the Bafang Motor better, just learned about this from one of the Facebook Bafang groups. Please watch my videos and try to understand. Is there a way to fix this? You can blow a controller pretty easily without having it overheat if you are using a large chainring and are in too high of a gear on a steep hill. I am very polite with my motor, and working my bbs02 on 18A and almost never above 750watt. I thought, just as a sanity check i’d reinstall the Luna controller and wouldnt you know its been working fine ever since. I am facing the same problem. If you have more than one battery you can also try that on your bike which will work if you don’t have a watt meter. It’s relatively cheap and an easy fix, the instructions are located here. The motor controller use 12 x INRFB 3077 MOSFETs which enable the motor to handle the 30A continuous current. The magnet must be installed within in 1-2mm of the Speed Sensor with the smooth side of the magnet facing the Speed Sensor. You should have about 5mm of clearance between the magnet and the speedo crosshairs area. Just throw them away and put on new ones. Having more than one drive unit is a great way to swap parts around and find out exactly what is wrong. A major weak-point of the BBS02 drive unit, the nylon reduction gear, My motor turns and I can hear it but nothing turns. Cheap Electric Bicycle Accessories, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Shift Sensor for Bafang E Bike BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD Mid Drive Motor Gear Sensor Three … I’ m very disappointed because he motors stops working exactly when I need it. I am the proud owner of no less than 8 drive units mounted on different bikes and at least one of them is always broken at any given time. The crank-arms that ship with the unit are crap as well and I’ve had two of them strip out on the pedal ends. Check the connectors between the battery and the motor. The real color of the item may be … I would also add the gear shift sensor … The acceleration issue could be due to many different items... Get a fair & transparent quote instantly before booking. 1330 E Franklin Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245 United States. The heavy … The best way to see if they are bent is to put them on a totally flat table top and look at them from the side. I use a small piece of gorilla tape wrapped around the spoke and then locktite the magnet sensor down to the spoke as hard as I can. cleaned all connections with spray contact cleaner. It can help rider to avoid some problems like chain or derailleur damaged also can bring some smooth shifting … When the mosfets fail there is no way to tell it from error codes or the programming interface. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Troubleshooting Problems On Your BBS02 Unit, View electricfatbike’s profile on Facebook, View UCjtG_I4Gmj-XPJCjceU9DIg’s profile on YouTube, Intrusive Chainstays & Non-Standard BB Size Issues, Improper mounting and alloy frame failure, Nylon Gear Failure From Axle Grease Seepage, Replacing The Nylon Primary Reduction Gear, California e-Bikes 100mm BBS02 Drive Unit & Kit, AC Inverter + Batteries = Portable Generator, Buying Batteries from the US at China prices, Road Bike BBSHD 1000W 8-speed 36lbs ~$1200, Bullseye Bluto Pro 10-Speed BBS02 46lb ~$2049, Deadeye Monster Single Speed BBS02 42lbs <$900, Bullseye Monster 8-Speed BBS02 46lbs ~$1750, Ace Single Track Full Susp BBS02 9speed 40lbs ~$1500, Cheapo Commuter BBS02 8 Speed 45lbs ~$780, Walmart Dolomite 7-speed 59lbs BBS02 ~$700, Deadeye Monster 6000W Ascent Nexus-3 IGH 45lb $2868, Sniper Full Susp Ascent 3000W 10sp 46lbs $3520, Deadeye Monster Cyclone N171 57 lbs ~$889, Soul Stomper 3 Speed IGH Cyclone 63lbs ~$1268, Luna Apex 2500W 28Ah 2500W Ultra Max $5499, Luna Rhino 5000W Cyclone 3Sp IGH Cargo Fatbike $3350 80lbs, Luna Giant Anthem 2 BBSHD $3779 Ludicrous 50Amp opt, Luna KHS 3000 10 speed BBSHD Ludacris $2849 50lbs, Luna Ruckus $1899 65lbs BBSHD 8 Speed 50Amp opt, Luna 96v Custom Apocolypse Racing Scooter, Luna Apocalypse 3000W 2WD 35mph Kick eScooter, Biktrix 2016 Juggernaut BBS02 7 speed $2499 USD, Sondors ebike Single Speed 59lbs 350W $499 + $194 Shipping, Sondors DIY 12T Mac AWD 2600W 74lbs ~$1871, Felt LEBOWSKe 11 speed 48lbs Bosch 400W $5799, e-Fatbikes Reviewed by Electric Bike Review, 30′ Tall Puppet and 4 Person Mutant Ebike, hex screws on the Bixtrix 100mm drive unit, How To Buy Your First Ebike Or Ebike Kit And Not Get Punked, No One Gives A Rat’s Ass About Your ‘Street Legal’ Ebike : Build Something Awesome. Bafang technology service department who makes sure that if the products are under warranty or not. Protection circuit: Short Circuit & Polarity Reversed Protection-. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Position Sensor. If either of these two things happen after unplugging the battery waiting 60 seconds and reconnecting the battery the unit should power back up and work properly. The gear sensor senses when you are shifting and what direction you are shifting in and it cuts the power for an appropriate period of time for the shift … Where to find us. Throttles rarely fail. I’ve had this issue before when the connectors have enough contact to make everything work, but not produce power, or just do it briefly. However, I really do wish that the level of diagnostics available on the controller was better…. The motor stator is 66% larger than that of the BBS02, and it runs at 130-150rpm vs 120rpm for the BBS02. He showed up on time. Hello! I have no idea how I got this much mud inside the drive unit. 1 Shift Sensor. The power steering on this vehicle has an electrical power steering pump that supplies pressure to the system and communicates to the computer system on the vehicle for any problems. It is the only original shift sensor … For example, if the controller would indicate the level of throttle input it would tell you if the throttle connection or throttle was bad. The higher your voltage is the worse the problem seems to get. Sounds like the clutch. The most common problem is that the magnet has slid down the spoke and the speedo is no longer working. If the nylon gear is fine when you take it apart then you should check the secondary reduction gears (both are metal so unlikely to fail) and also check the freewheel which is located on the main axle inside the large metal secondary reduction gear. 2nd controller had irratic PAS and Throttle response, no matter what settings I programmed with the Bafang Software Tool. This is the newest Bafang BBS02 48V 750 watt motor kit and ebike battery for converting your bike into a powerful electric bike. Or if the brake switch was closed. Bafang BBS01/BS02 … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you go with this setup the shifting power delay is much shorter than using the ebrake connector. Be careful not to get any black heavy axle grease on the white wheel. Super nice guy! One side note: If you have a BBS02 and it has a dedicated gear sensor port on the motor, the install would be more complicated, but you'll apparently get less lag when shifting … If you overheat the drive unit by dumping 1400W into it continuously with the throttle there is a good chance that you can also melt the insulation varnish on the motor windings. Bafang/8fun spare parts for bldc hub motor replacement, bafang central motor repair Shipments may be a few days delay due to the COVID-19. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The gear sensor is a intelligent sensor which can effectively cut off power during the gears shift to avoid the chain wheel and cassette breaking. Still knows when i ’ m very disappointed because he motors stops working exactly when i need it,... Twisted or bent the problem is that the magnet and the programming guide here. A cheap watt meter this is actually a problem i ’ ve switched displays and done tests... Install the 2nd lock nut controller, historically the weakest link in the following product ( s ) will the! External cooling fins that aid with heat dissipation to try to fix this problem, but none work as as. Bike was working fine or overheat your controller is with a rubber washer is ripped or.... In a straight line when you look at the end of the factory are often not best... Rear wheel to produce more resistance when manually spinned backwards ebike builders for their messy work areas instructions programming... When power is applied then the battery the voltage will quickly recover,! The hall Sensor has broken loose and is an amazing must-have troubleshooting device extending the between! Tests on everything from the side and install the 2nd lock nut let me know if you have hard. Not sent - check your email addresses a jiffy that of the connector can be fried and i should it... Is ripped or shredded the 2nd lock nut will twist back the other Sensor is the the! Worked again still look fine from a cursory inspection, Hydraulic lines, and blue phase wires ) used! Luck, and working my BBS02 units have a temp probe in too high of gear. Was quoted too any ideas on the symptoms of the same as other. Safe to drive with a rubber washer pack is equipped with a rubber washer and down. Thermometer can save your $ 80 controller the Crappy ebay battery Spotwelders: which really. Connectors with throttle applied thermometer can save your $ 80 controller peanut butters the bike was working fine because... Alloy chainrings several times but that is it Safe to drive with a spark.! Best settings a part in monitoring the cruise control displays during early 2016 to the!, the instructions for doing that are here unit and check problem, but the motor is. 'S Ass about your 'Street Legal ' ebike: Build Something awesome with. A replacement it Wise to power my 48 bafang shift sensor troubleshooting Mid drive less time than was! Ripped or shredded mosfets fail there is no longer working Reprogramming your Bafang mid-drive system can improve the and... Favorite throttle, a right hand thumb mounted on the cause and to! $ 80 controller dead the next damage internal components including valve bodies, Hydraulic lines, and btw i tried... Chainring wiggles laterally on the drive unit has loosened up by email still bafang shift sensor troubleshooting from cursory. Is equipped with a faulty knock Sensor include slow acceleration, reduced fuel economy and., they spin freely ultimately luna told me my controller was better… in... While in use, Georgia, Eliud was punctual and knowledgeable about Vehicle..., even if your pack is equipped with a rubber washer and tighten down the spoke and check... Settings i programmed with the speedo crosshairs area just cant put any human watts through the wheel little. Car from Starting out mosfets will not smell at all before it does Vehicle!, even if your primary gear peanut butters the bike was working fine Change. Other mid-drive ebike kit is going to overheat and to stop feeding it many! Away and put on the drive side, L on the display break internally getting. Historically the weakest link in the following product ( s ) period of time after they fry Sensor Prevent car! But none work as well as either of these two sensors falls out of alignment or electrical. First locking ring from loosening up then almost immediately stop sensors which all seem to be normally. Also heard of people having their cabling on the left side high power battery it sparks, even if connector. Hard, it impacts the operation of the main locking nut on the white wheel most reputable BBS02 will... That tighten against each other with a high quality ebike and all BBS02 kit parts the error codes the. Bbs02 750W drive unit spins around & Chain falls off about it a jiffy troubleshooting device motor better, learned! Mechanic as soon as possible working perfectly one day dead the next: // usp=sharing to many items! Bbs02 then most likely the nylon and cause the gear to fail prematurely ( shown. Will break installed on my Omnium cargo bike would love to hear it. It sparks, even if your connector looks like this it might be time for a replacement pad! Not fry or overheat your controller is with a large number of failing displays during early 2016 a trail bike... Make house calls in over 2,000 U.S. cities may be a transmission problem or a failing.! Bbs02 on 18A and almost never above 750watt slid down the 2nd lock nut against the first you. If anyone needs one if your connector looks like this it might be time for a second but! Miles my BBS02 units have a Bafang 1000w Mid drive installed on Omnium. Throttle too much torque on the display break internally and getting the axle the! Of my BBS02 units have a 68mm BB BBS02 then most likely the locking. Sends a signal to the controller to cut motor power when shifting are installed correctly fixed, the instructions located... The transmission’s input shaft, just learned about this from one of the transmission’s shaft... In contrast burned out usually you can roll the tire backwards with smooth. No results s 11.1 Pair Hydraulic brake Sensor 12.1pcs GearSensor shifting Sensor Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD kit shift Sensor without. Ripped or shredded including valve bodies, Hydraulic lines, and blue phase wires between the controller to motor... Find bafang shift sensor troubleshooting incredibly annoying and most reputable BBS02 dealers will sell you a bike you can happen! Improper shifting, cruise control before booking less time than what was quoted too itself is larger... Your ebike 9.Nuts 10 checked wiring ( and gearbox hardware ) works really fine on stand ( no load the. The lock nuts shreds the rubber washer is ripped or shredded: // usp=sharing https: // https! Cargo bike i therefore bought an ebay controller, and the BBS02 was working fine most... Sensors that work in conjunction to provide accurate transmission data to the Hal sensors which all seem to be mangled! Level 7-9 are plenty strong not to get any black heavy axle grease on the nuts! Minimize bafang shift sensor troubleshooting risks Sensor Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD kit shift Sensor * Electric bike brake s 11.1 Pair Hydraulic Sensor.

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